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ESPBC Building Representative Responsibilities and Expectations

"Your Voice, Our Commitment – Representing and Empowering ESPBC Building Representative Communities."

As an ESPBC Building Representative, you play a crucial role in supporting and advocating for your colleagues. Below are the key responsibilities and expectations associated with this role:


  1. Communication:

    • Serve as the primary liaison between ESPBC leadership and building staff.

    • Disseminate critical information from ESPBC meetings to colleagues promptly.

    • Collect and relay concerns, suggestions, and feedback from building staff to ESPBC leadership.

  2. Advocacy:

    • Represent and advocate for the interests and rights of ESPBC members within your building.

    • Support members in understanding and navigating contract provisions and policies.

    • Assist in resolving workplace issues and conflicts by providing guidance or directing members to appropriate UniServ Directors.

  3. Meetings and Training:

    • Attend all ESPBC Building Representative meetings and relevant training sessions.

    • Keep informed about current issues, initiatives, and changes affecting ESPBC members.

  4. Support and Guidance:

    • Support new employees by introducing them to ESPBC and explaining the membership benefits.

    • Mentor and assist colleagues in understanding their roles, responsibilities, and rights as ESPBC members.

    • Facilitate a positive, inclusive work environment by promoting ESPBC’s mission and values.

  5. Organizing and Mobilization:

    • Organize and participate in building-level activities, such as meetings, social events, and advocacy campaigns.

    • Encourage and motivate colleagues to engage in ESPBC initiatives and actions.

    • Lead efforts to increase membership and involvement within your building.


  1. Professionalism:

    • Exhibit professionalism, integrity, and respect in all interactions with colleagues, ESPBC leadership, and administration.

    • Be approachable, reliable, and responsive to the needs and concerns of building staff.

  2. Knowledge:

    • Stay informed about the ESPBC contract, bylaws, policies, and any updates or changes.

    • Knowledge of workplace rights, benefits, and procedures to effectively support and advocate for members.

  3. Engagement:

    • Communicate proactively with building staff, ensuring they are aware of their rights and resources available through ESPBC.

    • Encourage active participation and foster a sense of community and solidarity among ESPBC members.

  4. Leadership:

    • Demonstrate strong leadership skills by effectively managing responsibilities and setting a positive example for colleagues.

    • Be a dependable source of support and guidance, showing commitment to the well-being and professional growth of ESPBC members.

By fulfilling these responsibilities and expectations, you contribute significantly to the strength and success of ESPBC, ensuring that all members receive the support and representation they deserve.

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