ESPBC is your Education Support Professional Association. We are committed as your association to negotiate your salaries and benefits and make sure you have materials, supplies, training and professional development, an opportunity to contribute your ideas, and the respect you deserve as a professional.  Your membership packet explains the benefits you have through membership in ESPBC.  


ESPBC is Your Union. Through collective bargaining we stand together to address the issues that matter most to us. Only ESPBC members have input into negotiations. Because of ESPBC, you have higher salaries, better benefits, defined rights and professional staff to assure that your rights are respected.


ESPBC is Your Voice. ESPBC is your legal representative in collective bargaining and dispute resolution. ESPBC represents you before the Board of Education, on Board committees and with community groups. ESPBC works with the community and elected officials to make sure our schools have the funding they need.


At the state and national level, the 67,000 member Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) and the 3 million member National Education Association (NEA) are the strongest voices for public education and education employees.

"ESPBC empower members to make a positive difference in their lives in order to elevate the quality of public education for ALL students!"